Reunited East Side family needs money to fund child’s meds and rent

We received a request this week for a family on the East Side of St. Paul. The worker reports that the family was recently reunited after the son had been placed out of the home due to behavior and other issues. She says:

 Mom has done a great job working and providing a stable home but another barrier has come up. His meds are not covered currently and $165 will pay for a month while we work with the doctors to find something that is. He is a day and night kid on meds and I am fearful he will be removed from the home if we don’t provide for these meds. He has been off of them for the last two weeks and no one in his system of supports can do this anymore.

She went on to say that the mother is also $200 short on rent this month. Please consider helping this family by contributing toward the child’s medication and toward the family’s rent. Please also pray for this family. Every little bit helps. This is an exciting chance to help a family stay together.

Thank you for all you do to help children and families impacted by child maltreatment.

When you donate to Care in Action, 100% of the donation goes directly to the child or family unless you specify otherwise. You can mail donations to:

Care in Action Minnesota
PO Box 28838
Oakdale, MN  55128

You can also donate with Paypal. Be aware that Paypal charges about a 3 percent commission.

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  1. Patty says:

    We’ve raised $25 so far. Every little bit helps! Thanks for any support you can provide!

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